Teachers at Brunswick School of Dance are registered with The Royal Academy of Dance believing it to offer the highest quality teacher and student programmes available.

From the RAD Website:

"With over 13,000 members’ spread across 83 countries RAD is one of the largest and most influential dance education and training organisations in the world.

Established in 1920, to improve standards and re-invigorate dance training initially within the UK, the Academy helps and encourages its teachers to perfect their teaching skills and pass on this knowledge to their students.

There are currently over 1,000 students in full-time or part-time teacher training programmes with the Academy and each year, the examination syllabus is taught to more than a quarter of a million students worldwide.

The Academy maintains close links with all those involved in the industry, at every level. From the internationally recognised ‘Faculty of Education’ degree programmes to those younger students participating in our summer schools. At whatever age or stage, anyone with an appreciation of classical ballet and jazz is able to participate in the work of the Academy."

BSOD is proud to host RAD workshops and private lessons with visiting RAD Examiners.

Exam entry selection is at the discretion of Director in conjunction with Teachers.

Recommended Ages:

Pre-School 3-5 yrs

Primary 6-7 yrs

Pre-Grade One 7 yrs

Grade One 7-8 yrs

Grade Two 8-9 yrs

Grade Three 9-10 yrs

Grade Four 10-12 yrs

Grade Five to Eight 12+ yrs

Voc. Inter Foundation 10+ yrs

Voc. Intermediate 13+ yrs

Voc. Advanced Foundation 13+ yrs