• Term fees are to be fully paid prior to the commencement of the start of each term.

  • Term fees are strictly non-refundable.

  • We are unable to refund/credit term fees or part thereof due to absence/change of mind.

  • One introductory class is available, if students continue after this then full term fees must be paid.

  • A $10 late fee will be applied to fees not paid by the due date.   

  • The Enrolment Fee is non-refundable.

  • If students are away for a full term then term fees are not charged, however the student may lose their place in the class if we are able to fill it.

  • Costumes payments can be refunded up to the time of ordering after which time the full costume must be paid for.

  • The Presentation fee and the Performance/Video fee are compulsory for all students.


  • Courteous and respectful behaviour is expected from all participants in the BSOD community, including students, parents and friends.

  • BSOD reserves the right to decline service should the above expectations not be met.


  • In the best interests of students, BSOD strongly encourages participation in only one dance school at a time.

  • In particular, classical ballet training is to be undertaken solely at BSOD should students wish to enter RAD Examinations under the school’s name.

  • Depending on the circumstances, BSOD reserves the right to decline service to students who seek training at multiple schools.


  • To sell - place your clean, 2nd hand items in sealable bag.  Add your details to the 2nd Hand Uniform Shop inventory form.  Label your bag with details: Item number, Name, Description & Price.

  • To buy - add your name to the inventory form in the buyer column.  Place cash in your item’s sealable bag (or envelope) & deposit in internal-mail slot.

  • Note - families who have left the school should either remove their items from sale or email to arrange collection of any money from sales within 6 months.  After 6 months any remaining items will be regarded as a donation to the school.


Brunswick School of Dance fosters the celebration student’s achievements. We realise how important photos and recorded footage of your children’s special moments are. We have the following policy to encourage responsible use of images produced:

  • Presentation Week and Cabaret - Photography and filming is permitted. We request that you focus only on your own child and do not publish any footage on the internet (Facebook, Youtube etc) which includes other students.

  • General Weekly Classes - Photographing or filming during classes is only allowed if the teacher and other students/parents give permission. Footage must not be published on the internet (Facebook, Youtube etc).

  • Staff at Brunswick School of Dance - Teachers may film and photograph students during classes. Films are useful as a learning tool providing visual feedback to students. Photos are also used in displays at the school or published in the newsletter or on our website. Teachers are not permitted to publish images of students on the internet (Facebook, Youtube etc). Some images may be use on the Brunswick School of Dance website. Please notify the school if you do not wish photos of your child to be used in this way.

  • Social Media - BSOD has a professionally run Instagram and Facebook Pages.  Photos and short videos of class work and performances are published from time to time.  Families may 'opt out' at the time of enrolment or by emailing the school at any time.


  • All BSOD teachers have current First Aid certificates.

  • Teachers will call for an ambulance if they think it is necessary.

  • Parents must list illnesses and allergies on the school’s Enrolment Form or notify the school in writing via email.

  • Students must bring any required Epipens/Anapens, Insulin, puffers etc to every class. Younger children are to pass this to the teacher.

  • If parents have any serious concerns about their children’s health at dance then they must remain on the premises while their child is dancing.


  • Please notify the school via email if a class or classes are to be missed.

  • If a number classes are missed then this may effect the student’s involvement in group choreography. They may not be included in the sections taught when they were absent.

  • In some cases, private lessons may be required to catch up on work taught in classes they were absent from.

  • Students are encouraged to attend their classes, to sit and watch, if they are mildly sick (not contagious) or injured.