All prices shown include GST

Fees are calculated and invoiced per term.  Our terms run concurrently with school terms. 

The fee structure is based on a reducing scale so the more classes a student is enrolled for will mean a lower hourly class fee:

FEES 2018 (Autosaved).png

After 7 hours per week the cap fee of $800 is reached and students may do any number of additional classes for no extra term fee cost.

The following items are additional to the term fees -


End of year concert costumes are $110.00 each (Junior Concert) and $120.00 each (Inter/Senior Concert). They are paid in instalments of $38.00 each over Terms 2, 3 & the balance paid in Term 4. One costume is required for each class attended. Students keep their costumes.

Cabaret costumes are $46.00 each added to the term 2 invoice for students participating.


Our beautiful end of year Concerts are professionally recorded with a twin camera edit.  Every BSOD family receives the full recording in High Definition MP4 format packaged in an attractive cover. Discs are posted after the concert.  The cost is $30.00 per concert participating in and is added to the Term 4 invoice.  There is no 'opt out option' available for this service.


Feedback is an important part of the learning process.  Teachers prepare written reports for students which are presented, along with a medal and certificate, at the mid-year Presentation class.  There is a $30 fee in term 2.


An annual enrolment fee of $37.50 per family is required at the beginning of each year which covers insurance, music licences, administration costs etc.


A fee of $10 per student is payable for theatre rehearsals and is added to the Term 4 invoice.


30 mins - $ 39.00

45 mins - $ 58.50

60 mins - $ 78.00


Outlines of these costs are made available to prospective students prior to participation.


  • Fees are to be fully paid by the due date shown on the invoice.
  • We are unable to refund/credit term fees, or part thereof, due to absence.
  • Fees are calculated and invoiced per term.  The full term invoice is payable.
  • One free trial class is available, if students continue after this then full term fees must be paid.
  • Re-enrolment Deposit Fees of $10 per class are subtracted from the Term 1 Invoice.
  • The Annual Enrolment Fee of $37.50 is non-refundable.
  • Payment options are: cash, cheque, internet transfer and credit card.  A 2.5% surcharge applies to credit card payments.
  •  If students are away for a full term then fees are not charged, however the student may lose their place in the class if it becomes full.
  • Costumes payments can be refunded up to the time of ordering (approx. August - September) after which time the full costume must be paid for. Costumes cannot be cancelled once Term 4 has commenced and must be paid for in full.
  • Reporting/Presentation class fees are compulsory.