Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will it take for my uniform set to arrive?

We post your uniform within 1 week of you joining the program.  Within Australia, postage time is 2-4 business days depending on location.  For overseas countries the postage time is 3-10 business days.


Where should we start?

Start by familiarising yourselves with the 3 different types of videos.  They are all stored on the same webpage.  

  • The latest monthly Dance Along Lesson is always featured at the top of the page. 
  • After this, the 35 Technique Basics Glossary tutorials are displayed (black and white thumbnails)  
  • Down the bottom is the Archive containing a list of previous monthly lessons which are always accessible.

Beginners should practice along with the 35 Technique Basics Glossary videos.  

Once they understand the fundamental concepts they can apply them by dancing along with the latest monthly lesson which is presented like a real ballet class.  This lesson should be repeated for 4 weeks (or more) until students are proficient.  

They can then move onto a new monthly lesson of their choice.  All monthly Dance Along Lessons are beginner level and are designed to include an enjoyable variety and range of steps from the Technique Basics Glossary.  

Having regular new lessons makes the program unique and exiting for students!


How often should my child practice?

For 5-7 years, 30 mins - 45 mins twice per week is a good guide.  This could be a combination of watching the lesson, dancing along with the lesson and then free dancing based on the lesson.  

For 7 yrs and over, 60 mins twice per week allows for material to fully absorbed and enjoyed.  Again, this could be a combination of watching the lesson, dancing along with the lesson and then repeating favorite parts of the lesson without watching the screen.  Of course many children will want to do more, there really is no limit!


How many lessons are published every year?

10 monthly lessons are published each year.  June and December are holiday periods so no lessons are published.


How does the subscription payment system work?

Our subscription is a recurring payment through PayPal or Stripe (credit card).  The subscription will be automatically renewed every 6 months unless it is cancelled prior.


How do I cancel my subscription?

Simply email your request to us via our contact page or cancel via your PayPal account. 


Can I obtain a refund?

We are unable to refund payments once they are processed.  Instead we offer a very easy and clear cancellation policy for our customers.


How long do I have access to the material?

Subscribers may access the webpage containing all the material for as long as their subscription is active.  


How do I correctly measure my child's foot for the ballet shoes?

Please measure in cm as per the diagram:


Can I order extra ballet uniform sets?

Yes, the cost is $69.95 for the full set.  Simply contact us with the size you require.  A Paypal invoice or other payment details will be emailed to you.


Is the program suitable for adults?

Yes, all ages will enjoy the lessons :)


Is the program suitable for students already taking regular ballet classes?

Yes, the program is an excellent practice guide for students to use at home.