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Classical Ballet (RAD) 

Classical Ballet has a tradition spanning 350 years. Ballet technique forms the basis of most other dance styles and includes concepts such as posture, turn-out, weight placement, poise, balance and line. Ballet is set to classical music and includes many beautiful and romantic ideas. BSOD proudly offers  Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)  syllabus and assessments.  The RAD comprises 2 streams, recreational and vocational. Our emphasis is teaching the RAD Graded recreational levels (Pre-Primary through to Grade 8).  We also offer RAD Vocational levels which have a technical focus (Intermediate Foundation onward).  Including both RAD streams ensures delivery of well rounded dance training for our students while also providing a range of future opportunities for our students. Students may study both streams simultaneously.

Brunswick School of Dance Online

Pre-School Ballet

Over 20 years, our school has devised a specialised Pre-School Ballet program with the main objective being to inspire in children a love dance lessons and music while simultaneously developing gross motor skills, group skills and confidence.  Classes include dance concepts such as running, jumping, bending, spatial awareness, musicality, balancing and free movement.  Ideas are presented in imaginative ways with props such as wands, scarves and hoops incorporated to bring life to the activities.

Brunswick School of Dance Online


Jazz dance is a modern style and includes dance technique such as kicks, turns and jumps. Jazz is set to the latest current pop music. Choreography is up to date and high energy.

Brunswick School of Dance Online


This style of dance has a more creative focus and uses themes from everyday life as inspiration for movement. Dancers express ideas and emotions that can be transposed into movement.


Acrobatic Skills

Tumbling, handstands, cartwheels, flips, flexibility and more! All fabulous skills to include in dance choreography.  Taught by a certified Acrobatic Arts teacher.

Brunswick School of Dance Online


A modern interpretation of classical ballet, this style is often performed to contemporary music with lyrics and while based on ballet technique, the choreography may incorporate expressive movements and gestures.

Brunswick School of Dance Online


Hip hop is a funky style originating from street dance and popularised by TV shows such as So You Think You Can Dance. The music has a strong beat and the moves have a relaxed feel.

Brunswick School of Dance Online

Musical Theatre 

Combining singing and jazz moves, Musical Theatre classes are the ultimate in showbiz fun! Students learn parts of well know musicals and film productions whilst developing an understanding of modern performance history and music genres.

Brunswick School of Dance Online

VCE Dance

VCE Dance is a challenging and rewarding course of study suited to dedicated and passionate students who wish to utilise their skills for their year 11 and 12 studies (note that students can complete units 1&2 when in year 10). Here are some useful facts about what we offer:

  • The course is organised by Distance Education Centre Victoria, 315 Clarendon Street, Thornbury, 3071, ph: 8480 0000,

  • Distance Education fully co-ordinate and direct the course of study. The material is set out in a straight forward manner so students can follow the weekly requirements.

  • BSOD will provide a weekly VCE class during which students focus on developing their solo pieces for examination. The solos are fully choreographed by the students with guidance from the teacher.

  • Students must keep up their other dance classes at the school. At least 3 dance classes outside the VCE classes to ensure fitness and technical ability Of these, one must be Contemporary class as this greatly assists creation of the VCE solos.


Children’s Tap

A much loved, traditional musical theatre genre, tap is the fine art of playing music with your feet! Students will be guided through foundations exercises upon which more complex rhythms can be built. Taught by well known teacher Sharen Reynolds who has dedicated her life to teaching dance in a career spanning 40 years to date.


Pointe Technique

BSOD offers dedicated Pointe Technique classes. Pointe is an exciting part of classical ballet training and something which many look forward to.

Certain criteria is considered when assessing a student’s suitability for pointe; age, number of classical classes per week, years of training, what stage of musculoskeletal development the student is at and the type of foot. As well as this there are the technical requirement such as the ability to hold turnout whilst dancing, strength in holding back forward and upward, adequate use of plié, not sickling and consistent articulation of feet whilst dancing to name a few.

Students must also be cleared by a physiotherapist who is trained in dance and pointe shoe assessment. Our school offers consultations with in-house Paediatric Physiotherapist Meredith Watson. Please contact us to make an appointment.


Brunswick School of Dance Online

Adult Tap

Always wanted to learn to tap? Or do you have some existing skills waiting to be aired? Throw on your tap pumps and come along to this engaging class where you will improve your fitness without even realising!

Taught by well known teacher Sharen Reynolds who dedicated her life to teaching dance in a career spanning 40 years to date.


Classical Extensions Program

Brunswick School of Dance is proud to introduce the Classical Extensions Program for talented & dedicated young dancers between the ages of 9-13 years.  

The Classical Extensions Program is designed for students seeking to train towards an elite standard of classical ballet, utilising the Russian/Vaganova method found in the syllabus of Australian Conservatoire of Ballet.

Entry to the Classical Extensions Program is by teacher recommendation/invitation.


Elite Arts Company

The BSOD Elite Arts Company is designed especially for high achieving, serious students. It will provide insight into a professional rehearsal atmosphere.

The company will be directed by highly regarded professional dancer, choreographer and teacher Ross Hannaford. Ross brings a wealth of industry experience to share with our students. The focus will be preparing a repertoire of works in a variety of genres to the highest possible standard.

Entry to the Elite Arts company is by teacher recommendation/invitation.