We recognise the benefit for students to work towards achievable goals and strive to foster a good work ethic.

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Formal Presentation Classes are held mid year for school age students while younger children present their work to their friends and family. At the end of the Presentations all students receive a medal and certificate.

Royal Academy of Dance examinations in ballet are offered annually. These are external assessments which are suited to talented and dedicated students who want to commit both time and energy to their ballet. Students need to attend ballet more than once a week and participate in additional workshops so that they may be well prepared for their exam. Many students have benefitted from the challenges of this type of assessment and the rewards and sense of achievement are significant. For more information about the Royal Academy of Dance visit

Recognition of achievements as well as personal accomplishments over time contribute to student’s enjoyment of dance.

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Ballet Syllabus

Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus (R.A.D) is taught by our highly qualified teachers. This is an International Syllabus which offers a carefully devised training program. Students progressing through the grades are able to develop and build on their skills at a gradual and age appropriate rate. 

National Character Syllabus

Australian Teachers of Dancing (A.T.O.D) offer an excellent syllabus comprising 3 grade levels.  Students enjoy the traditional class format while working towards a rewarding an achievable assessment goal.

Acrobatic Syllabus

BSOD follows Canadian program Acrobatic Arts. The Acrobatic Arts Teacher Training and Certification program is designed to teach dance educators how to safely and effectively instruct AcroDance in the dance studio.  This program starts at the very beginning, teaching proper technique and spotting skills for Acro.

Jazz, Musical Theatre, Contemporary, Hip-Hop

Our experienced teachers have devised a curriculum for these more modern styles of dance which build on basic skills gradually over time. Classes follow a basic structure of warm-up, technique and dance routine and draw ideas from musical theatre, historical methods, and the latest trends in dance.