Brunswick School of Dance Online

The main objective of BSOD is to provide quality tuition to students so that the joy of dance may be experienced. The teaching environment is warm, friendly and encouraging and many students have remained with the school from its outset to the present, some going on to full-time and tertiary dance courses.

Classes aim to challenge students and the content is presented in an interesting format appropriate to the particular age and level. Children in junior levels enjoy a mixture of dance games and basic technique while middle and upper levels are guided through a more formal class structure. Props and inspiring music form an important part of the learning process.

Please read our Mission Statement to discover more about our philosophy and goals.

Our Online Ballet Lessons Program is a new initiative to encourage beginners to practice at home.  The tutorials compliment their learning in class and reinforce the basic concepts.

Brunswick School of Dance Online

Students increase their knowledge and skills through preparing for special events such as Presentation Classes, RAD Exams, Cabaret, Eisteddfods and of course, the highlight of the year, our Annual Concerts. The skills and confidence learned through these dance experiences can be carried into all facets of life.

Brunswick School of Dance began in 1997 and has since grown to include well over 300 students of all ages. After 10 years at the Brunswick East Primary School, the School had grown to such an extent that we were able to secure our very own studios in the adjoining suburb of Northcote. Our permanent home has been embraced very warmly by students and is a hub of activity after school and at weekends.

Brunswick School of Dance Online

BSOD studios are custom designed and include the following facilities:

* Sprung floors

* Tarkett

* Barres

Brunswick School of Dance Online

* Mirrors

* Air-conditioning

* Comfortable waiting area

* Refreshments

* DVD player

* Variety of fitness equipment